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About us

Our mission is to connect people with our delicious, high quality and 100% natural products. Besides supplying gourmet shops with different flavoured honey jars we specialize in custom gift projects of all sizes.


Our story

We source our honey from professional and devoted beekeepers from the beautiful nordic country of Estonia. 

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Keeping in mind the sustainability of beekeeping sector in Nordic area, especially in time when bees need a lot of extra attention and enthusiastic beekeepers, we focus on value adding aspects by professional design and promotion, as well as high standards in quality and customer relations. We wish to be a reliable partner to beekeepers in our area and encourage youth to get involved.

It is most important to introduce Estonian natural wonders to the world - we are the best kept secret in North Europe. Developing and acting towards these goals is what our team works on a daily basis and high spirits.


Artisan Honey is proud to deliver honey from the best beekeeping areas in the world - Estonia has a unique nordic climate combined with pollen and nectar rich flora. Under such vital conditions our healthy bees and the beekeepers get along very well, the result of this friendly relationship is of course surprisingly sweet.




We are members of Estonian Professional Beekeepers Association, which has among it’s goals to promote beekeeping, it’s products and encourage people to get involved. Also advising the government and the European Commission to make sure the future of the sector and honeybees are not on the wane or in threat.

We are one of the few Estonian food exporters to Asian markets and have also been involved with many events and promotions of Estonian food all over the world.