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Custom Projects

Custom gift solutions for your clients and partners.



We can design the label of the honey jar according to your wishes: we will add your logo, slogan or message. The custom-made solutions of honey come in four sizes: 430 g, 300 g, 200 g, 50 g

Gift sets with customization options are availiable with flexible quantities, for different budgets and quick lead times. We’re a one stop shop for a healthy, natural and environment-friendly gift.


Customer survey results from January 2019:


We are very proud to present the amazing results of the recent survey among our corporate gift clients. The survey was conducted in January 2019 and we collected responses from 47 clients. Thank you very much for all the feedback and motivation for the future collaboration projects!

Customer satisfaction
4,95 points out of 5,00

4,91 points out of 5,00

Giftee satisfaction
4,95 points out of 5,00


Customized honey jars

If you need a distinguished gift for your business partners or colleauges, you’re running a campaign or exhibiting at a fair, meeting or hosting clients, believe us - a jar of honey with your company’s design will have it’s strings attached for a long time.

We will design the label of the honey jar according to your instructions: we can add your logo, slogan or message.

Gift boxes with custom laser engraving

Environmentally friendly wooden packages made from local scrap wood is a great way of delivering your honey to it’s reciever. In addition, we can easlily have your logo or message engraved on it - a nice touch to personalize the gift and make it more special.